About Jaqui Eicher


Eicher Sisters 1972

Jaqui Lyn Eicher grew up in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, where she still chooses to live. She loves the green and rain and lushness of it. Jaqui has spent her life (so far) teaching in various settings including Alternative Education, Elementary, Middle School, and Adult ESL. Early in her career, she also taught Music and Theater with her mother, Roma Eicher, who founded The Conservatory For Music Education in Albany, Oregon.

Currently, Jaqui spends her time teaching International students at the college level and is a working artist (acrylic and watercolor). Her passion is using recycled material to change people’s idea of what both Art and Garbage mean and look like. She also is a writer of poetry and short stories. Jaqui has written two books, both available on Amazon: Paper Heart (by Jaqui Forney) and The Deepest Secret (by Jaqui Eicher).


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