Oregon Pulp and Paper Company

My father worked for the O.P. and P. (Oregon Pulp and Paper Company) for 30 years. He started out as a boiler man, feeding the furnace. Then he worked up to the Bleaching Department. They wanted him to be the supervisor but he never accepted the job.

One day he gave me and my sister a tour of the plant. We saw how the wood came into the mill and was mashed into a pulp, which was wood and water. Then the water was squeezed out. It was sent to the bleaching vats where bleach was added. It was mixed with huge paddles and then sent to another machine. It was sent through this machine, a huge press that pressed out all the liquid and then to giant rollers that rolled it flat, finally in paper that came out in huge rolls. Some of the paper was dyed different colors.

The building+ is still located on Trade and Commercial Streets in Salem, but it’s called Boise Cascade. While talking to a lady in the office the other day, she told me that soon the name would change to just Boise. It still is in the paper business but I am sure it is very modernized by now.

–Mrs. Wenger

+ This building has been turned into downtown condominiums and shops, 2016


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