I want to tell about the milk route and dairy my father, W.R.Terhune operated. We lived 1.5 miles North of Jefferson on Highway 99E. There were probably six dairies in the area. They would have from 2-10 cows. The milk was put in ten gallon milk cans and the cans were packed up by a truck every day.

My father decided to deliver milk to Jefferson which had a population of about 400 and would help him be more profitable. This was about 1927 until about 1934.

The milk was bottled in one quart glass bottles and capped with a round cardboard bottle caps. The milk sold for 10 cents delivered to the house or 8 cents delivered to the grocery stores. There were two grocery stores at that time, Smith and Fontain and Thurston’s Red and White Grocery. Also, probably two restaurants.

He would deliver to homes starting at five in the morning, then be back home to milk the cows, then eat breakfast with the family.

After breakfast he would deliver to the stores and restaurants. After all this he would care for the cows and feed them.

Bob Terhune


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