Green Again


In order to be green again, sometimes aggressive pruning of a plant is required. I know this from my days of working on landscapes with my husband. In various flowerbeds, we worked to prune away the dead stalks and limbs of flowers and native shrubs. Lavender continues to be one of my favorite plants to harvest and prune because with one sweep of the scythe, I can both cut the perfectly regular flower stems and prune it for easy growth the next season. If I do this carefully and time things right, I can sometimes gather two batches of lavender each season. The plant loves sun and as soon as I cut the first batch, it begins its slow reach toward new light.

In the winter, the bare branches of the cut lavender stalks sit–brown and dry. The plant appears dead.

But it’s not! As soon as the sun heats our part of the world again, green shoots reach out–searching for light.

This is the way of our lives. Having undergone an intense pruning, I’m eager to reach toward the incandescence of the sun again.


Green Again

j. eicher 2015

Long wisps of tendrils stretch toward the sun,

Reaching for that which every living thing requires:

Undying, persistent incandescence.

Reaching, they search for a more complete contact

with the source of all that lives and grows

and hopes to be green again.


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